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 Episode Summarization (Season 10)

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Episode Summarization (Season 10) Empty
PostSubject: Episode Summarization (Season 10)   Episode Summarization (Season 10) EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 4:37 pm

Season 10

10.1-The Ring Cycle-Daphne and Niles get married in Reno, Nevada. They don't tell Frasier and Martin they did so they have to get married again.

10.2-Enemy At The Gate-Frasier refuses to pay $2.00 without spending the full 20 minutes at a parking garage.

10.3-Proxy Prexy-Frasier lets Martin run for the condo board so he can use him to say his ideas.

10.4-Kissing Cousin-Roz's cousin, Jen, has arrived for a visit to Seattle.

10.5-Tales From the Crypt-Bulldog plays a prank on Frasier, so Frasier needs to retaliate. Gertrude Moon has prank war against a young boy in the Montana.

10.6-Star Mitzvah-Frederick is having his Bar Mitzvah.

10.7-Bristle While You Work-Martin has a new housekeeper that doesn't do her jobs on time. Niles thinks his toothache is something serious.
(Part 1 of a story arc.)

10.8-Rooms With A View-Niles is about to undergo Heart Surgery. Roz, Frasier, Martin, and Daphne recall memories from being in the hospital.
(Part 2 of a story arc.)

10.9-Don't Go Breaking My Heart-Niles is still on his post-operative diet even though the dotor said it was okay to be off of it. This proves frustrating to all the Cranes. (Part 3 (End) of story arc.)

10.10-We Two Kings-Martin has to work as the security guard on Christmas which upsets Frasier and Niles greatly.

10.11-Door Jam-Frasier receives Cam Winston's mail to an exclusive spa.

10.12-The Harrassed-Julia doesn't like the way Frasier is treating her.

10.13-Lilith Needs A Favor-Lilith wants Frasier's sperm to make another child.

10.14-Daphne Does Dinner-Daphne and Niles host their own dinner party, which Frasier doesn't agree to.

10.15-Trophy Girlfriend-Frasier has a girlfriend that is a gym teacher, but when he looks at her, he sees his old gym teacher which was a man.

10.16-Fraternal Schwinns-Frasier has to learn how to ride a bike for the KACL Bike-A-Thon.

10.17-Kenny On The Couch-Kenny turns on Frasier to give him advice on his divorce.

10.18-Roe To Perdition-Frasier gets hooked up with a Russian man who delivers them Caviar for a cheaper price. Martin has to return money to an ATM.

10.19-Some Assembly Required-Frasier bugs a family of a house that he did barely any thing to. Martin gives some road-safety assemblies.

10.20-Farewell, Nervosa-A loud folk singer invades Cafe Nervosa. Frasier and Niles seek other places to have their coffee every day. Frasier's new accountant, Avery, is having an affair with Julia.

10.21-The Devil and Dr. Phil-Frasier meets Dr. Phil and remembers the doctor won $200 from him in a bet.

10.22-Fathers and Sons-Dr. Leland Barton, their late mother's research assistant, is visiting in Seattle. He was close to Hester, which makes Martin think that he maybe their real father, with all the sophistication and such.

10.23-Analyzed Kiss-Julia is done with the affair with Avery. She kisses Frasier out of the blue and Frasier wants to know why she did it.

10.24-A New Position For Roz-Roz is ready to take up a new job at KPXY. Frasier is now forming a relationship with Julia.
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Episode Summarization (Season 10)
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