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 Episode Summarization (Season 9)

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Episode Summarization (Season 9) Empty
PostSubject: Episode Summarization (Season 9)   Episode Summarization (Season 9) EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 2:26 pm

Season 9

9.1/2-Don Juan In Hell-Niles, Martin, and Frasier are still in Belize with Claire.

9.3-The First Temptation Of Daphne-Daphne accidentally looks at one of Niles' patients folder and sees that this patient likes him.

9.4-The Return Of Martin Crane-Martin is ready to start his job as a security guard and recalls the day he got shot.

9.5-Love Stinks-Roz has a new boyfriend, Roger, who has the job of a garbageman.

9.6-Room Full Of Heroes-Frasier holds a Halloween Party and the guests are supposed to dress up as their hero.

9.7-Bla-Z-Boy-It's been eight years from the day that Martin moved in with Frasier. Martin spills some oil over the carpet and Frasier blames him for doing it on purpose. Martin then thinks Frasier threw his chair off the balcony in retaliation.

9.8-The Two Hundredth Episode-Frasier celebrates his 2000th episode on KACL. While looking at his wall of tapes of his show, he realizes one is gone.

9.9-Sharing Kirby-Kirby Gardener gets a job at KACL.

9.10-Junior Agent-Dr. Zach, a new doctor, has a new show on KACL.

9.11-Bully For Martin-Frasier doesn't like the way Martin's supervisor, Rich, is treating him.

9.12-Mother Load: Part 1-Frasier has a new rival, Cam Winston, his new upstairs neighbor.

9.13-Mother Load: Part 2-Gertrude, Daphne's mother, stays at Niles' place for a little bit. Simon stays at Frasier's apartment.

9.14-Juvenilia-Through research, Frasier's radio show is always on the radio of an older man. Kenny tries to get teenagers interested in his show.

9.15-The Proposal-Niles finally proposes to Daphne, but Daphne comes down with a cold.

9.16-Wheels of Fortune-Blaine Sternin has come town. Frasier has always known him as con-man.

9.17-Three Blind Dates-Frasier has three unsuccessful dates which his friends recommend.

9.18-War of the Words-Frederick is in the National Spelling Championship.

9.19-Deathtrap-Frasier and Niles dig up a memory box they hid in their old house. Alice's hamster dies.

9.20-The Love You Fake-Cam Winston causes a leak in Frasier's apartment, reigniting their feud. Martin starts to date Cam's mother, Cora Winston, a veterinarian who looked at Eddie to see if he was all right.

9.21-Cheerful Goodbyes-While visiting Boston, Frasier, Martin, Niles, and Daphne are pulled into Cliff Clavin's retirement and moving party.

9.22-Frasier Has Spokane-Frasier's radio show moves to Spokane.

9.23-The Guilt Trippers-It is Daphne's birthday and the Crane men give her different gifts.

9.24-Moons Over Seattle-Niles brings Daphne's father to Seattle to reconcile with his wife, Gertrude. Niles soon realizes it was all a big mistake.
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Episode Summarization (Season 9)
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