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 Episode Summarization (Season 7)

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Episode Summarization (Season 7) Empty
PostSubject: Episode Summarization (Season 7)   Episode Summarization (Season 7) EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 8:31 pm

Season 7

7.1-Momma Mia-Frasier has date that looks exactly like his late mother, Hester Crane.

7.2-Father Of The Bride-Frasier tries to find a perfect gift for Donny and Daphne's marriage, while Roz tries to become the bridesmaid for it.

7.3-Radio Wars-A new group of people start to tease Frasier by trick phone calls.

7.4-Everyone's A Critic-Poppy Delafield becomes an internship at KACL.

7.5-The Dog That Rocks The Cradle-Bulldog applies for many jobs as his radio show was cancelled.

7.6-Rivals-Poppy finds Niles charming, nice, and warm.

7.7-A Tsar Is Born-The Cranes bring an antique clock to Antiques Roadshow.

7.8-The Late Dr. Crane-Frasier ends up in the hospital and his records are switched with some else's who is dead.

7.9-The Apparent Trap-Frederick tries to make Lilith reconcile with Frasier.

7.10-Back Talk-Frasier suffers terrible back pain on his birthday.

7.11-The Fight Before Christmas-Cam Winston and Frasier host rival Christmas parties.

7.12-RDWRER-Niles, Martin, and Frasier have to find a new New Year's Eve tradition after their old one burns down.

7.13-They're Playing Our Song-Frasier makes a new theme song for his show.

7.14-Big Crane On Campus-Frasier sees an old classmate and asks her out.

7.15-Out With Dad-Martin and Frasier go to the opera. Frasier finds a date who's father is gay.

7.16-Something About Dr. Mary-A replacement for Roz, while on vacation, creates problems for the "Dr. Frasier Crane Show".

7.17-Whine Club-Mel urges Niles to run against Frasier at the Wine Club as "Cork Master".

7.18-Hot Pursuit-Martin has a stakeout to search for a person, instituted by Donny.

7.19-Morning Becomes Entertainment-Bebe makes Frasier star in his TV show.

7.20-To Thine Old Self Be True-Frasier is handcuffed to a stripper named Candy Cane, meant for Donny's bachelor party.

7.21-The Three Faces Of Frasier-Frasier dislikes a caricature of himself put up in a restaurant.

7.22-Dark Side Of The Moon-Daphne's family visits Seattle for the wedding and the Cranes realize what bums they are.

7.23/24-Something Borrowed, Someone Blue-Daphne and Donny get married.
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Episode Summarization (Season 7)
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