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 Episode Summarization (Season 6)

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Episode Summarization (Season 6) Empty
PostSubject: Episode Summarization (Season 6)   Episode Summarization (Season 6) EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 4:02 pm

Season 6

6.1-Good Grief-Frasier deals with losing his job like losing a family member.

6.2-Frasier's Curse-Frasier always thinks he will be made fun of at his High-School Reunion.

6.3-Dial M For Martin-Martin thinks Niles is trying to hurt him after Martin moves in with him.

6.4-Hot Ticket-Frasier and Niles have tickets to see the final performance of a retiring actor.

6.5-First, Do No Harm-Martin has Duke's daughter, Marie, date Frasier.

6.6-Secret Admirer-Frasier starts to date a former KACL worker.

6.7-How To Bury A Millionaire-Niles is having financial problems and goes to different places seeing if they are good enough for him.

6.8-The Seal Who Came To Dinner-Niles and Frasier host a party at Maris's beach house, but they find something that causes problems for them, and the guests.

6.9-Roz, A Loan-Frasier starts to think Roz is spending her loans from Frasier on unnecessary things.

6.10-Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz-Frasier dates a lady that he finds Christmas shopping. The only problem is her mother is Jewish.

6.11-Good Samaritan-Frasier notices people are becoming inconsiderate.

6.12-Our Parents, Ourselves-Roz's mother dates Martin while she visits Seattle and think there is a strong connection, but Martin doesn't love her back.

6.13-The Show Where Woody Shows Up-Woody Boyd comes to Seattle for a vacation to see Frasier.

6.14-Three Valentines-Three different scenes of Niles/Frasier/Daphne & Martin all having or before dates.

6.15-To Tell The Truth-Niles has trouble with divorcing from Maris.

6.16-Decoys-Donny starts to like Daphne, which Niles hates.

6.17-Dinner Party-Problems arise at a Dinner Party that Frasier holds.

6.18-Taps At The Montana-Niles tries to get back into the Montana.

6.19-IQ-Frasier and Niles compete to see who has a higher IQ level.

6.20-Dr. Nora-Frasier interviews radio show hosts for a new spot at KACL.

6.21-When A Man Loves Two Women-Frasier has two dates on two nights. (Faye Moskowitz reappears from Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz.)

6.22-Visions At Daphne-Donny is spotted buying an engagement ring, most likely for Daphne.

6.23/24-Shutout in Seattle-Bulldog is on the rocks as the "Gonzo Sports Show" is cancelled. Niles is uncomfortable seeing every friend and family having a girl/boyfriend. Frasier has Faye, Daphne has Donny, and Martin has Bonnie (a lady at McGinty's).
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Episode Summarization (Season 6)
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