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 Episode Summarization (Season 3)

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Episode Summarization (Season 3) Empty
PostSubject: Episode Summarization (Season 3)   Episode Summarization (Season 3) EmptyTue Jul 01, 2014 5:41 pm

Season 3

3.1-She's The Boss-Kate Costas is KACL's new station manager. She is a fearsome perfectionist which can be a problem.

3.2-Shrink Rap-Niles and Frasier go to a couples therapist to solve a problem about the two not working together well.

3.3-Martin Does It His Way-Frasier and Niles discover a box full of unfinished songs written by Martin for Frank Sinatra.

3.4-Leapin' Lizards-Bulldog pulls a series of tricks on Frasier with Kate's encouragement. Frasier pulls a prank on Bulldog, only with Kate as the victim, unexpectedly.

3.5-Kisses Sweeter Than Wine-While moving Martin's chair, with Frasier, Niles drops his half on Frasier's wooden floor, causing a scuff which Frasier obsesses over.

3.6-Sleeping With The Enemy-Kate refuses to pay the annual 5% raise of all the off-air talent at KACL. While confronting Kate, Frasier has a sudden urge to make love, while Kate having the same thing.

3.7-The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl-Frasier makes a statement that he's "Bad Boy", but does not reveal who "Dirty Girl" is.

3.8-The Last Time I Saw Maris-Maris has been gone for 3 days and Niles is worried. This is the start of the tension between divorce of Niles and Maris.

3.9-Frasier Grinch-Frasier hasn't bought Frederick's present, despite it being Christmas Eve.

3.10-It's Hard To Say Goodbye If You Won't Leave-Frasier reveals who "Dirty Girl" is on his radio show. Kate thinks about leaving KACL.

3.11-The Friend-Frasier decides to have a friend. He finds someone, but has second thoughts when he sees him.

3.12-Come Lie With Me-Frasier is uncomfortable with Joe and Daphne sleeping together in his apartment.

3.13-Moon Dance-Niles has a date for a ball, but doesn't know how to dance. Daphne teaches Niles.

3.14-The Show Where Diane Comes Back-Diane appears in Seattle to see Frasier for advice for a play she created.

3.15-A Word To The Wiseguy-Maris has problems on the road. Niles has to help her get out of legal trouble.

3.16-Look Before You Leap-Frasier decides to sing a challenging piece on the PBS Pledge Drive as a leap for Leap Year.

3.17-High Crane Drifter-Frasier notices civil disobedience with people and takes a stand for it.

3.18-Chess Pain-Frasier buys a new chess set and bothers his father about playing until himself wins.

3.19-Crane Vs. Crane-Niles and Frasier are at court battling each other.

3.20-Police Story-Frasier meets a pretty police lady. He tries to woo her, only she is interested in Martin.

3.21-When There's Smoke, There's Fired-KACL has a new owner, Wilfred Boone, a very wealthy tycoon.

3.22-Frasier Loves Roz-Frasier shows affection toward Roz.

3.23-The Focus Group-Frasier obsesses over one person who dislikes him and demands to know why.

3.24-You Can Go Home Again-It's the 3rd Anniversary of "The Dr. Frasier Crane Show" and Roz and Frasier are celebrating.
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Episode Summarization (Season 3)
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