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 We May Be Featured In A Book!

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PostSubject: We May Be Featured In A Book!   We May Be Featured In A Book! EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 5:08 pm

I got an email from a Joe Darowski, asking me to answer a few questions about Frasier for a book il est writing.

His Email

Joe Darowski wrote:

Thank you for being willing to respond. The publisher, of course, wants it completely understood that your responses may be republished in whole or in part in the book presently titled Frasier: A Cultural History with no expectation of financial remuneration. If you have any questions about this please let me know before sending your replies. 

I'll send a list of questions, you can reply to all or just some if you would like. Your responses can be whatever length you'd like.

1) What, in your opinion, makes Frasier a successful show and one worthy of an active fansite a decade after it went off the air?

2) What are the greatest strengths of the series?

3) Are there any particular episodes that stand out to you in terms of quality and what makes them classics in your mind?

Also, how would you like your name and association with your website to appear in the book (for example, "John Taylor, the creator of the Frasier Forums website...)?

Thank you,

Joe Darowski

J'ai un response.

Quote :
1. What makes Frasier a successful programme is the character himself and the supporting cast. If it were just Frasier alone with Roz and the team it would not be the same. It would just be Frasier making jokes with Roz and avoiding Bulldog. With the supporting cast, it is successful, as Frasier is basically a snob. He cannot fall to Bulldog's level. He simply must have everything in order. If an ornament is not correctly positioned, he goes out of his way to find out who the culprit is.

In order for the show to be successful, Frasier needs people in his life who do not understand his need for order. His relationship with Daphne, for example. He does not want her in his home to begin with, and already she has read his newspaper before he has. He must have his routine.
I suppose another point is that he always has someone to disagree with. Eddie the Dog constantly stares at him, he sometimes finds himself arguing with his Father, Niles is always having issues with Maris, and Simon is there to attempt to stain his furnishings or cause unwanted dilemmas.
There are always jokes, and there will always be that hilarious similarity between Frasier and Niles.

2. Greatest strengths
The character of Daphne was played wonderfully. The relationship between Frasier and Martin is perfect - Frasier desiring to achieve high standards and his Father being an average person - if he does not get his chair he becomes annoyed,  but Frasier says it does not match with anything. Frasier to me is right, but Martin cannot adjust to anything other than the one chair he has had all his life.

The best strength is the good writing - they ensure Frasier uses words such as jejune, they try to make Frasier and Niles similar but NEVER the same person. There is always something to stop the two being completely happy - if someone criticises them they try to fight the person or argue with them. Daphne appears to be understandable but still that bit quirky - she is found talking to  an important official about returning to the Mothership - she knows she is talking about returning home, but the official is lead to believe she is an alien

3. The classics are Look Before You Leap, because of Frasier's failing rendition of Buttons and Bows. The way he challenges himself to do something and finds he cannot perform the action well anyway. Also, the episode 'Frasier's IQ' where Frasier and Niles meet for lunch, and Frasier knows what Niles has done the night previous. Niles' starts sneezing, and Frasier automatically deducts he has been in the library as he sneezes when he is near dust mites. Frasier says 'You will not psych me into twitching.' And the waiter approaches him, asking him if his eye is bothering. Niles has taken an overdose, and starts slurring his words. 'You know you have the good bed'

Although I felt the show declined after Season 5, this episode is rather amusing.

The name in the book: John Taylor, Administrator of Frasier Forums.

Thank you

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Posts : 259
Join date : 2014-06-27
Age : 25
Location : Horsforth, Leeds

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PostSubject: Re: We May Be Featured In A Book!   We May Be Featured In A Book! EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 5:15 pm

I know my response was rubbish but he requested a response from me, the administrator.

What do you think?
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We May Be Featured In A Book!
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