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PostSubject: Dr. Niles Crane   Dr. Niles Crane EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 11:26 pm

Dr. Niles Crane Niles-Crane-frasier-9341087-456-445

Niles was born in 1957 to Hester and Martin Crane. His birthday date isn't stated exactly, just that he is two years younger than his brother, Frasier. Niles, along with Frasier, was named after their mother's lab rats. He was close to Frasier as a child for being a target for bullies. Niles prefers fine arts and music. Niles attended Yale School of Medicine, earning himself his M.D. and Ph.D. in psychiatry.

His profession was "the saving grace of my life", as quoted by Niles in "IQ". He runs his own Jungian practice, as Frasier is a Freudian. He does a lot of research in this topic. Niles calls Frasier's radio psychiatry as "pop psychiatry". He made many more wisecrack jokes about it. Niles yelled at Frasier at a time for Frasier being more popular. This is one of the most referenced sibling rivalry in the series.

Niles has gourmet taste and is fussy and snobbish. He is infatuated with fine arts (opera, theatre, and classical music). He is obsessed with telling people about other people he knows and how he is climbing the social ladder. Niles is very intellectual, having an IQ of 156, well above the Mensa Range (130s).

He is weak, physically, and uncoordinated. He has a long list of phobias and medical problems. Niles suffers from mysophobia, as he wipes his hands after human contact, or anything that may contain germs. His nose bleeds when he lies. He has panic attacks and fits of hyperventilation when extremely stressed. Though some very rare, Niles has a long list of allergies.

His sports skills are on and off.

Sports Good At:
Basketball (At Times)
Shooting Guns (Not Typically a Sport)

Sports Bad At:
Basketball (Almost Always)
Lifting Weights

Once, at a basketball game, Niles was picked at halftime to shoot a basket at half court. Niles luckily makes it and gets prasied, disdained by Frasier.

Niles drives a Mercedes-Benz with license plate number 5HR1NK, which could have been custom-made to spell "SHRINK". The Mercedes which was mentioned, was an E320.

He meets Frasier everyday at Cafe Nervosa. It's his "Haven" and "Cocoon".

First, Niles married Maris, a never seen character. Always described as being small, emaciated, and very short tempered. Their divorce was led by a lack of respect and affection for Niles.

His next wife, Mel Karnofsky, is Maris plastic surgeon. Niles and Mel eloped, but after two days of marriage, they divorce when Niles expresses his love for Daphne Moon.

Niles' last wife for the show, Daphne, is Martin's physical therapist. They get married in Reno, Nevada. Their son, David, was born at the veterinary clinic. Niles' love for Daphne is a running gag through the series. He always tried to tell Daphne he loved her, but was never successful.

Niles' last line was "I'll miss the coffees."

Thanks for Reading!

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PostSubject: Re: Dr. Niles Crane   Dr. Niles Crane EmptyTue Jul 01, 2014 8:48 am

Good work. Smile 
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Dr. Niles Crane
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